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This product represents a breakthrough in dietary food supplements achieved by the Research & Development section of our organization:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the finest olives of our groves by the cold press method, which preserves the oil’s natural qualities and ingredients, is packaged in the form of soft gels, to supplement your daily intake of nutrients and vitamins. 120 Softgels per container, FDA Registered.

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JEWISH TRADITON: We keep Kosher and observe the Tithe of the Tithe commandment; we also do not harvest the grove till its 3rd year. ("ORLA"). FRESHNESS: We hold the highest quality standards of freshness and quality. EXPIRATION: 12 month. SHIPPING: Within 3 days from receiving your order.
HANDLING FEES / HIDDEN FEES: None. RETURNS?  MORE QUESTIONS?  No problems! Email us at and our knowledgeable Costumer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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"…I added these soft gels
to my daily vitamin
I know it is good for

Peter Gothenberg,



  1. 5 out of 5

    Brigitte Brunson

    I use the olive oil you sent me from my tree almost every day, and these olive oil soft-gels have been part of my regular diet for almost a year now. I feel great ad my Doctor is happy!

    Brigitte Brunson
    Trondheim, NORWAY

  2. 5 out of 5

    Robert Tafoya

    I have been using these olive oil soft-gels from Israel for several months now, I have read a lot about the great health benefits of olive oil, and also about the superior quality of the olive oil from Israel.

    Robert Tafoya
    Houston TX, USA

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