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This is How We Fight The Muslim Fundamentalist Plan


Our work consists of a long list of actions and activities, all aimed at combating the satanic plan of fundamentalist Muslim organizations, to take control of agricultural land in Israel.
We do this by providing multifaceted assistance to farmers in the Israeli olive sector, and by plantings of new olive saplings in land coveted by the architects of the Muslim plans.

We have decided to focus on the olive sector because it has been shown that the development of olive groves owned by Israeli farmers and strengthening existing groves is the most effective way of blocking the drive by extremist Muslims to purchase more and more agricultural land.

All our activities are planned, directed and overseen by our efficient logistics & operations team that ensures the realization of our complex mission, and supervises all these many activities on a day-to-day basis:

Our nursery: is located in the hills of Galilee and specializes in producing a variety of olive saplings that are suited to the climate and agriculture of Israel.

Land Development: planning the irrigation system and water infrastructure of new olive groves, planning and marking the rows for planting.

Set up of a new grove; Digging holes along the marked rows for the young trees that arrive from the nursery, and placing the delicate saplings into them.

The ongoing agricultural work at the grove: Pruning, dealing with pests, removing weeds, irrigation and so much more. Read More…

Olive harvest: The individual baskets are quickly overloaded and emptied into large containers; the containers are taken to the olive press.Read More…

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Olive press: The olives are washed and cleaned, then crushed by heavy old millstones; the paste is mixed, and the olive oil is separated from the waste and the water. The oil is stored in climate-controlled stainless steel vats, from where it is pumped into the bottling system.Read More…

Other Activities

Logistical Center:
The logistical center receives the orders for olive oil from our members, handles all aspects of packing and shipping to members’ homes, sending containers of olive oil to the communities and organizations that are our partners in this important mission.

Graphic design and printing
This department handles everything necessary to support the marketing of our olive oil, including design of the special labels for the various products, development of informative material on the subject of olive oil for the communities and organizations around the world, and so on.

Support center
The Support Center is ready to answer any question raised by our members all over the world regarding olive oil and its products, and handle shipments of olive oil according to orders.

Information and promotion of Israeli olive oil
We run a wide range of activities in Israel and among communities of Israel lovers all over the world. Our purpose is to make information about the unique and healthful properties of Israeli olive oil accessible to all, while stressing the importance of the Israel Olive Bond (IOB) program to save the land of Israel.

Research and development:
we are constantly searching for new uses for our olive oil, in order to expand the options for exports of Israeli olive oil. As part of this activity, we are reviving natural beauty products based on olive oil and local herbs that were used in the Holy Land in biblical times..

Our donation program
We believe in the ancient Jewish saying, that “all Israel are guarantors to one another” and aware of the growing needs of aid organizations in our country, besides the needy farmers.

Therefore, in addition to supporting the olive sector in Israel, we donate to a wide spectrum of Israeli organizations for the needy in a range of fields. Read More…

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