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Fewer Olive Trees = More Jewish Land Falling Into Muslim Hands

The writing is on the wall – Israeli farmers are being cut off from their land: For almost a decade the Israeli agricultural sector has suffered a series of crises due to 8 consecutive years of drought.

As a result, agricultural products that made up 10% of Israel’s total exports ten years ago went down last year to only 3.5%! Last year, only 2.8% of the workers in Israel were employed in the agricultural sector, less then a decade ago it was 3 times as much!

Thousands of acres of farmland have been abandoned by despairing farmers, who could not go on cultivating their land.

live tree

For the first time in the long history of our Jewish life in Israel, we are now facing a real threat of losing the bond between us, the citizens and farmers of Israel – and the land of the Bible on which we live.

Fanatic Muslims take advantage of Israeli farmers in distress: Like the fox waiting at the bottom of the tree for the cheese to be dropped right into his mouth, this is how the satanic fundamentalist Muslims in Israel

act. They take advantage of our disaster and tempt the poor farmers in many cunning ways, so they can purchase their land, financed by petro –dollars from the Gulf countries and Muslim terror organizations.


Olive Trees Are the Only Solution!!!

It has been proven that the olive tree sector makes a profound contribution to the battle against the radical fundamentalist Muslims for the land of Israel.

When we, together with our partners like you, assist the Israeli olive farmers, we make their land profitable, and by doing so we repel the

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Muslim scalpers from the land. We turn desert into blooming gardens, we replace depression with hope and create a future for the Israeli farmer.

The olive tree is our preferred weapon in this War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness:

1)The olive tree is easy to plant and grow.

2)The young sapling becomes a mature tree that gives the farmer an olive harvest in less than 36 months!

3)The olive tree is very economical in water consumption, and can survive with very little water .Even in drought years the olive tree continues to flourish and bear fruit, while other crops die.

Development of the olive industry in accordance with our work plan creates a considerable income for the farmer and makes the cultivation of the land worth while for them. Thanks to our plan, farmers are encouraged to return to their land and work on it, and are able to stand strong against Muslim attempts to purchase their lands.

We Cannot Make It Happen Without You- See Here Why:

Here is where the most important element in this plan comes into play: YOU!
The last link in this plan to save the land of Israel from being taken over by fanatical Muslims is to find new global markets for the olive oil produced here, as the Israeli market is far too small to generate sales for the entire olive oil production of our farmers.

When you join the Israel Olive Bond (IOB) program, adopt an olive tree in the farmer’s grove, and consume the olive oil yield of your adopted tree (instead of purchasing oil from your local supermarket) – you make the entire plan viable!

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