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A Complete and Valuable Prize Package – for Free!

Think that there are no new, fun ideas for radio promotions? Think that nobody has come up with anything creative and unique to grab listeners’ attention? THINK AGAIN!!!

If you broadcast a Christian or Jewish religious program or raise topics in your program that relate to Israel and / or the Jewish people – we, the Israel Olive Bond (IOB) would like to cooperate with you, and offer you a complete and valuable prize package – FOR FREE!


We will provide you with a free and easy-to-run promotion that will work in virtually any format.
You can adapt it to meet your station’s individual needs – we’ll work with you to make sure that it’s customized to fit your audience.
You can run the promotion once an hour, once during each daily segment, or as a feature on your morning show.
You can offer the Israel Olive Bond (IOB) package as a prize for callers to your program, winners of quizzes

you run on your program or for any other reason, when you want to promote your radio program, attract listeners and reward them with something that really will be appreciated.

If your company owns a cluster of stations in the same community, feel free to use this promotion on any or all of the stations.

We have an experienced team ready to cater to any of your special needs in your collaboration with our organization, so please CONTACT US TODAY,

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