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A Very Interesting Survey – Christians in Israel

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics publishes data on the 144,000 Christians living in Israel, most are Arabs living in the north and preferring to have no more than two children.

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The survey gives some interesting information about this population:  The Christian men are very hard working: 65.5% of them are in the workforce, compared to 59.8% of Jewish men.

The Christians are also outstanding students – 64% of Christian students were eligible for a matriculation certificate in 2014, the highest proportion of any religious group in Israel.  34% of Christian students who completed high school began studying at university within 6 years, compared to 31% of the Jewish students and 22% of the Muslims.


8_2On the other hand, the number of births per Christian woman is the lowest in Israel, only 2.3 births, compared to 2.7 for Jewish women and 4.5 for Muslim women.

60% of the Christians live in the north of the country, over 20% in Nazareth and 12% in Haifa.

The Christian population is also older than other groups in Israel:  8% are elderly (aged over 65) compared to 12% of the Jews and only 3% of the Muslims.

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