Israel Blessings Package

0.5 Gallon / 1.9 Liters

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This high quality metal package contains 0.5 gallon / 64 fl.oz. (1.9 litres) of our finest Extra Virgin olive oil.
You will also find in this package six empty green glass bottles with caps, and a funnel so that you transfer the olive oil from the container to the bottles whenever you wish.
Present the bottles filled with olive oil from your tree to family members and friends, they will be thrilled!

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JEWISH TRADITON: We keep Kosher and observe the Tithe of the Tithe commandment; we also do not harvest the grove till its 3rd year. ("ORLA"). FRESHNESS: We hold the highest quality standards of freshness and quality. EXPIRATION: 12 month. SHIPPING: Within 3 days from receiving your order.
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Product Review

"…People in our
community heard that
we have olive oil
from Israel and
they keep on asking."

Troy & Mable Johnson
Dallas TX, USA



  1. 5 out of 5

    Helen & John Grantham

    This Israel Blessings Package – What a Blessing it is! This is exactly what we hoped for. We store it in our larder and use the small funnel that comes with the package to pour olive oil from the master pack into the small bottle that are included. The small bottles are a great opportunity for us to surprise our dinner guests who go home with a bottle of olive oil from my tree in Israel that we have filled with our own hands right in front of their eyes.

    Helen & John Grantham
    Port Orchard WA, USA

  2. 5 out of 5

    Grace Burges

    I have sponsored an olive tree in Israel as I know this is an important cause. My eyes fill with tears each time I think of what a privilege it is to help the Children of Israel working the Land of God, and when I opened this package for the first time – the smell of the good earth of the Land of the Bible made me cry!

    Grace Burges
    Ashland KY, USA

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