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The Best Present from Israel

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This special package contains two 3.4oz / 100gr olive oil soaps and one olive oil hand cream, made according to cosmetic formulas combining olive oil and Biblical herbs that were in use at the time of the Second Temple. You will also find in this package a 5oz / 140gr jar of delicious home style cured pitted olives and gourmet olive spread, plus two 4 fl.oz. / 100ml bottles of our finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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JEWISH TRADITON: We keep Kosher and observe the Tithe of the Tithe commandment; we also do not harvest the grove till its 3rd year. ("ORLA"). FRESHNESS: We hold the highest quality standards of freshness and quality. EXPIRATION: 12 month. SHIPPING: Within 3 days from receiving your order.
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"…The package is
impressive, the products
are just great,
the price was
fair and delivery
was on time!".

Ray & Carol Mosey
San Diego CA, USA



  1. 5 out of 5

    Frida Salvage

    I ordered this package for a friend who got sick and I took it round to him the other day. He was very excited about the fact that these products are really from Israel, and could not wait to try them all. His wife called me yesterday thanking me for the present; she said it was the first time in a month for her to see husband smiling.
    Praise the Lord!

    Frida Salvage
    Budapest, HIUNGARY

  2. 5 out of 5

    Christopher & Diana Powers

    Sponsoring an olive tree in the area where the Bible stories took place brings us as close as possible to God, and receiving this package of products from the olive grove in Israel where our sponsored olive tree is growing – really made all our family very excited.

    Christopher & Diana Powers,
    Dallas TX USA

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