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Splendid Food from Israel

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This special package brings you a prestigious selection of the gourmet foods we produce from the olive oil yield of our groves in Israel.
The package contains a 5 oz. / 140 gr. glass jar of each of the following delicacies: Garlic flakes in olive oil, pickled lemon spread, green olive spread, basil pesto and home style cured pitted olives. You will also find a 17 fl.oz. / 500 ml. bottle of our premium olive oil

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JEWISH TRADITON: We keep Kosher and observe the Tithe of the Tithe commandment; we also do not harvest the grove till its 3rd year. ("ORLA"). FRESHNESS: We hold the highest quality standards of freshness and quality. EXPIRATION: 12 month. SHIPPING: Within 3 days from receiving your order.
HANDLING FEES / HIDDEN FEES: None. RETURNS?  MORE QUESTIONS?  No problems! Email us at and our knowledgeable Costumer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.

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"…These gourmet
foods are wonderful:
they not only taste
great but also smell

Edward Smeets
Utrecht, HOLLAND



  1. 5 out of 5

    Loretta & Keith McClernan

    This was a very good choice for Christmas. It was wrapped and put together very nicely, and arrived on time. We gave it as a Christmas present to close friends, and afterwards, when we heard from our friend how much they loved the products – we have ordered another package for ourselves. We love Israel and planning to go and visit your country!

    Loretta & Keith McClernan
    Montreal, CANADA

  2. 5 out of 5

    Robert & Sheila Taylor

    When we received this olive food package from you we felt like kids in a candy shop!, The package contains 5 different jars of gourmet products, so we didn’t know where to start. Finally, I have to admit, we opened them all and tasted all 5 different products, together with fresh bread dipped in the olive oil you sent us. What can we say? This was a real treat! Wonderful, , great, delicious, these products from Israel are out of this world!

    Robert & Sheila Taylor
    Huntington WV, USA

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