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Olive Tree number 244 in row 145 at the Sea of galilee Grove - is allocated for you!
This is the JOINING PACKAGE that we will send to your home from our Galilean olive groves. Its cost (Including shipping) will be reimbursed as you start consuming oil from your adopted olive tree and our other Superb Bible Food.
  • £ 85
  • £ 14
    Anywhere in the world
  • £ 99

Your Joining Package Contains the Following Items:

Membership Certificate confirming your partnership ■ Aerial Photo of the olive grove where your personal olive tree is located ■ Olive Grove Map showing the exact location of your tree ■ 55 pages Elegant BookletDonation CertificateDVD with comprehensive EBook + hundreds of unique pictures ■ Postcards ■ Sticker ■ Tree Card ■ 17 fl.oz. (500 ml) Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your tree + 2 Refill Bottles

■ Items packaged in a Marvelous Gift Box weighing 4.4 Pounds (2 Kg)


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for tending your personal olive tree

£ 85

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£ 14

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  • £ 99

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