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Galilean Superb Bible Food -we will reimburse you with 100% of the

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Your SILVER PACKAGE Contains the Following Items:

The Grove Map showing your tree's location ■ Aerial Photo of the olive grove where your personal olive tree is located ■ Membership Certificate confirming your personal Olive Tree Adoption ■ Three years of FREE subscription to the Israel Digest Magazine ■ Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your tree ■ $35 Coupons for additional Online olive oil purchase ■ 100% Reimbursement of this package cost, when you start order in go live oil from your adopted olive tree ■ "The Grove & Your Tree" - 55 pages Elegant Booklet ■ Ruffle Ticket for a FREE Trip to Israel ■ 24x7 connection to the Olive Grove Webcams ■ Free Pass to our comprehensive digital library for free download of valuable & interesting content (Starting December 22nd, 2020)

■ Items packaged in a Marvelous Gift Box weighing 4.4 Pounds (2 Kg)

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