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As of June 21th,2018



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There is a New Big Threat to the Future of the State of Israel:“…Muslim fundamentalist organizations funded by petrodollars from Arab Gulf States are taking control of the land of Israel.”

IBA — Israel Broadcast Association

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Many Israeli farmers have been driven into a financially disastrous situation due to a decade of drought of Biblical magnitude.

They are taken advantage of by Muslims who purchase their land for a mess of pottage, all as part of their plan to destroy Israel by taking control of it's land.

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Already 47% of the Land is not Jewish!

"...47.3% of the land in the Galilee region of northern Israel is already controlled by Muslims!!!"


Help Israel Now : Adopt an Olive Tree and Save the Land of the Bible!


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The ONLY Solution for this Disaster is the Olive Tree!!!

The Olive Tree is the only agricultural crop in Israel that can survive with very little or even no water, and still provide the farmer with a decent living.

See What our Farmers Say:

"...Hi, My name is David Sela, I am an Israeli farmer, I grow olive trees, and I would like to share with you my thoughts about the destiny of the Jewish people with respect to the land of Israel:

My late grandfather, Isidor Israel, was the only survivor of 14 brothers

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When you join us and consume the olive oil of your adopted tree and other Bible food products we grow in Galilee - you are helping to secure the survival of the Jewish people in its homeland..


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See Who has Already Joined Us in this Sacred Mission

Dozens of organizations, Christian and Jewish alike, have allied themselves with this mission, together with tens of thousands of lovers of Israel from all over the world


See what Believers who Became our Partners have to Say:


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“…Few months ago I received this wonderful present of an olive tree adoption in Israel. Since then i have purchased 3 different packages as gifts, and have never received such warm thanks for any other presents “.

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Valerie Oliver

Houston, TX

Our Latest Partners

Juliette Rey

Roosevelt & Annie Hatcher

Stanley W Henry

James & Elizabeth Bruce

Mr. & Mrs. Walter L Gundy

Mrs. Mary Johnson

Mrs. Ferne L Snow

Ms. Donna M Wardarske

Ruth V Lazar

Louise Stameson

Linda Simpson

Mrs. Sarah Apodaca

Paul Holtzlider

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David & Darla Cunningham

"..I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You, who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest".

Isaiah 62.6

Save the Holy Land From the Muslim Fundamentalists!


Choose your olive tree

Let us Choose for you (quick checkout)

Help Us to Save The Land of Israel and Fulfill God's Promise to Abraham:

"...All the Iand that you see l will give to you and your offspring forever..."

Genesis 13:15


When you join us and become a partner in this important cause you show your obedience to God; your participation becomes a symbol of your faith in the Lord!

Assisting the Israeli farmers will create an everlasting tangible bond between you and the land of Israel.

Your help to Israel in these hard times will not be ignored, as God himself said - "… I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; ". Genesis 12:3

This is Your Joining Package:


Your Joining Package fee will be reimbursed as you start consuming oil from your adopted olive tree and other superb Bible food sent directly from Galilee to your door!


These are the oil & Bible food packages we will send from Galilee to your home:


Please do not step aside, TAKE ACTION NOW!



SELECT the Grove where your Adopted Olive Tree will be


Jordan River
Galilee_S_100 (2)
Sea of Galilee
Beit-She’an Grove

Beit SheanMentioned in the Bible

Beit She’an is mentioned no less than 9 times in the Bible, for example, concerning the death of King Saul, at Samuel 1 31:10. The Tribe of Menashe dwelt here at Biblical times.

The Farmers who Tend the Beit She’an Grove

Among the farmers here you can meet Abraham, a second generation Holocaust survivor, and Daniel, a former F16 pilot in the Israeli Air Force.
Jordan River Grove

Jordan RiverMentioned in the Bible

The adjoining Jordan River is mentioned several times. For example, Joshua 3, verse 15, relates the miracle in which the powerful flow of the River was stopped to allow the Children of Israel to cross in their journey from Egypt.

The Farmers who Tend Jordan River Grove

David who tends the Grove with his brother Benjamin and 4 of their children is the eldest son of a Yemenite family that immigrated to Israel in 1949 in “Operation Magic Carpet”.

megiddo_videoGalileeAbout the Grove

A young olive grove in Jezreel valley near Tel Megiddo, The area known as Armageddon

Mentioned in the Bible

Megiddo is mentioned 38 times in the Bible. It first appears in Joshua 12:21. Menashe was the tribe of Israel that settled in this region.

Biblical sites near the Megiddo Grove

Jezreel valley, the valley of Armageddon, Mount Tabor.

A little about some of the farmers who tend the Grove of Megiddo

Gali lives in nearby Kibbutz, He is married with three children, he loves to tour around Israel in his Jeep. Itamar lives in Jezreel Valley with his wife Zohar and 3 children.
Galilee Grove

GalileeMentioned in the Bible

The Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, Bethsaida, Kursi , the villages along the route of Jesus’s wanderings in Galilee – They all mentioned in the Bible.

The Farmers who Tend Galilee Grove

Three Israeli couples discovered that they shared a dream of living as farmers and tending an olive grove. Together they have realized their dream with this magnificent grove.
Capernaum Grove

CapernahumMentioned in the Bible

Matthew 4:13, Luke 7:1–10, in the Gospel of Mark 2:1 , and more.

The Farmers who Tend Capernaum Grove

This is a moving story of two farming families: Isa is the descendant of one of the Christian families that have been settled in Galilee for dozens of generations, and his partner Armando is a Jew who immigrated to Israel with his family from Argentina some 20 years ago.
Sea of Galilee Grove

Sea of galileeAbout the Grove

Located on the north western shores of the Sea of Galilee, on the slopes of the Mount of Beatitudes.

For years we tended this grove with diligence and love. To our enormous grief this grove has recently become the victim of arson by Israel-hating Muslim fundamentalists, as part of their terrorist activities against Jewish farmers in Galilee.

We will not yield to the Muslim terror

and in the near future we will return here with new olive tree saplings to plant for the glory of the State of Israel



BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is a large Muslim anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organization that is running an international campaign calling for a boycott of Israel and avoid purchasing Israeli products, particularly in the area of agricultural food, causing a drastic decrease in the export of Israeli food products.
The victims are the farmers and numerous small family owned food manufacturers, particularly in the Galilee. Meanwhile, Galilee lands are being abandoned by Jewish farmers or sold to Muslim speculators.

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